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On Point Electric is proud to be a PRO Retailer of some of the most cutting-edge electrical distribution systems for residential and commercial electrical systems. 

The electrical panel is the operating system of your home, It works 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

What service do you require?

'Upgrade' or 'replacement'

Most homeowners are misled or poorly advised by insurance companies, home inspectors, and sadly even electricians. So our job is to first make sure you are aware of which option you actually need. 

Electrical panels are the heart of our homes, they power the lights, our electronics, Heating & Air,

Now... Even our vehicles! But, most importantly they provide safety against electrical fires and electrical shock.



'Panel/service Replacement' is almost as simple as it sounds, It's when you replace your existing panel/service with a new one of the same amperage rating. This is usually done to add additional breakers for a renovation or new equipment such as an Air-Conditioner, Hot tub, Electric Vehicle Charger etc. Additionally, Homeowners may be advised to upgrade due to the system's age or integrity. 


As a rule of thumb the electrical panel should be replaced every 20 - 25 years, but it's not always needed. If the panel has been maintained and taken care of then it likely just needs some TLC, or potentially new breakers. If your home was built prior to 1990, you may have one of the following brands installed in your home: Federal Pioneer Electric (FPE), GTE-Sylvania, Zinsco, ITE Bulldog / Pushmatic there were millions of these panels installed prior to them being outlawed in the early 90's due to numerous safety concerns and electrical fires. If you have one, a replacement should be on your radar. 


'Panel/service Upgrades' is when you increase the Amperage of the panel, this will almost always require a service upgrade. Upgrading the electrical service involves working with the utility company to upsize the wires feeding power to the home, this will be dependent on the local utility grid and ensuring they have sufficient power available. Upgrades are usually required due to insufficient load to accommodate new equipment or a renovation/addition to the home. Many homes in Calgary were built with 60-Amp services, with the rise of technology 60-Amps is not sufficient for modern family homes. Insurance companies will often require an upgrade to 100-Amps or more. 200-Amp is the safest solution, allowing for future Hot tub, AC unit, Garage, Electric Vehicle Charging etc. A load calculation should be performed prior to deciding to upgrade.

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Getting Started 

When you call On Point Electric, you can expect to talk to a local licensed electrician to guide you through the process of selecting the best option for your family.


  • Schedule a free video chat to learn about your project and evaluate the onsite conditions.

  • The technician will recommend multiple options taking budget, safety, and convenience into consideration.

  • If required, we may need to schedule an onsite evaluation to ensure we capture everything.

  • We present a detailed quote of the required work for all options

  • We give you time to review and consider your options. Our team can also assist with financing or payment plan's as needed

  • Once approved, we apply for City permits and work with the Enmax to plan the disconnect/reconnection of power to the home.

  • Once a date is confirmed your technician will send you a schedule and outline of what to expect on the day of installation. 

  • After your installation we will follow up to make sure everything is going as planned and ensure your satisfied with our installation.

One day installation.

Get your system installed in just one day, our technicians will never leave you in the dark or without power.

Combine your new panel with Full Home Surge Protection!

Power surges can be harmful to home appliances and electronics, protect your investment with a whole-home Surge Suppressor!

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How Much will it cost? 

Electrical Panel Replacement Packages

**See Terms and Conditions below**

100 Amp.


Perfect for condos, townhomes, and single family homes with minimal Electrical Loads.

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100 Amp PLUS


Provides all the additional circuits for larger custom homes and homes with larger square footage.

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200 Amp.


For large executive estates with a higher power demand, with pools, hot tubs electric vehicles, and large shops/garages.  

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Electrical Panel & Service Upgrade Packages

**See Terms and Conditions below**

60 - 100 Amp.


Perfect for smaller single-family homes that need to comply with Insurance requirements, and have minimal Electrical Loads.

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60 - 100 Amp PLUS


Provides all the additional circuits for Mid-sized homes, and allows for new overhead service mast.

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100 - 200 Amp.


For larger homes going from  100 - 200 Amp with higher power demand, with pools, hot tubs electric vehicles, and large shops/garages etc.  

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**Please note this is NOT A QUOTE, these prices are based on averages from past customers, each installation has unique challenges that must be considered for pricing. This pricing will be within 10% of the actual price and is for information/budgeting purposes only.**

All Packages Include

  • Electrical Whole Home Thermal imaging report with safety Inspection

  • Removal & Recycling of your existing electrical panel

  • Installation of new ply-wood backboard

  • Organize and re-dress existing wiring

  • Install new premium panel board

  • Test existing circuits, and devices for faults or damages

  • We provide a new typed panel schedule, so you know exactly what breaker controls what! 

  • Test and commission electrical circuits 

  • 10-Year Warranty on parts and labour

  • 24/7 Technical Support, Maintenance Manual, and letter of compliance for the insurance company

When one of our Certified Electricians is installing a new electrical panel in your home we treat it as if it was our own. We go above and beyond to make sure your home is safe and #OnPoint for the life of the equipment!

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