Back to the Future: Kitchen and Bathroom Revamping Ideas

Bathrooms and kitchens are becoming the most popular remodelling spot for homeowners, according to the National Association of Home builders in Chicago. This surge in remodelling among homeowners may stem from their desire to get their hands on new and improved smart home technology that not only makes your life's easier and cost-efficient but also increases your property's value with its durability and a design that matches any interior. Whether it's a single device or an entire home automation package, it's been predicted that over 2/3 of residences in North America will have technology installed in their homes by 2021. Below are the best types of technology you may want to consider incorporating into your abode.

Technology that Enhances Interiors

There are countless brands that offer smart-home electronics that doesn't only match your design but also improves it. For example, smart lighting systems such as Lutron Caseta and Ketra utilize keypads that automate lighting systems and they come in different colours and sizes. However, the most important advantage of lighting systems is their ability to enhance the finishes of your interiors with its different tones and dimming levels. If you are a minimalist but couldn't resist the convenience that comes with modern technology, there are TV's that double as a mirror. Bathrooms don't offer as much space as any other room in your home, do this is a brilliant space-saving idea for the modern minimalist. A good example would be this framed Samsung Mirror TV and Vario Glass 4K Smart Mirror TV. Another simple yet highly functional item you can add to your newly remodelled bathroom are invisible loudspeakers or the Russound - Gray Granite 2-Way, 8" Rock Speaker, a displayable speaker that enhances the look of your the room.

Foolproof Appliances

The first thing to consider when installing fool-proof electronics is to invest in Calgary service providers specializing in smart home installations. This ensures that the people that handle your home remodelling can provide you with quality work and long-term warranty programs. Moreover, you can find tips on how to find reliable Calgary electricians in this article. Secondly, invest in life-proof technology that doesn't compromise your style. If you got to observe envy-inducing real estate properties on HGTV, you'll probably be familiar with waterproof TV's and speakers; pretty much every electronic mentioned earlier can be water-resistant. The Sunbrite 55" Pro Series Ultra Bright Outdoor TV is a well-established retailer of the product that can withstand heat, cold, dust, air, snow, and beyond. You can splash or relax in your tub while watching your favourite TV shows and not worry about breaking your TV.

Budget-Optimizing Electronics

Another reason for the upswell of homeowners and tenants wanting to upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms is the emergence of cost-effective technology. For example, lighting systems with smart dimming features save on electricity bills on a 1:1 ratio; dimming the lights 50% will also save on lighting expenses for 50%.

Security Systems

The kitchen can be many homeowner's favourite hub and an integral spot for family bonding. No one wants to be spied on while doing the things they love and because of this, the kitchen would be an ideal place to install smart shades, particularly ones which you can see through from the inside but completely opaque from the outside. With Serena Motorized Shades, you can choose from a wide range of openness levels. They are perfect for hard to reach windows and eliminates any risky moves on your part as you can automatically roll the shades down with a click of a button.

The Takeaway

Home interiors are evolving for plenty of reasons. There are plenty of trending smart home technology that not only increases the aesthetic appeal of your home but also saves on electricity bills and adds to security and productivity. Products such as the Google Home or Amazon Alexa allows you to focus on the more important responsibilities by minimizing the need to do menial tasks such as turning on the coffeemaker or shutting off the lights and shades at night. With this in mind, all of the technology discussed earlier are compatible with both smart speakers.

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