Top Custom Lighting Systems for Home Security


If you thought Security lighting was only for commercial properties you thought wrong! It is now more important than ever to protect our homes with smart effective lighting, from smart away mode to occupancy sensing lighting controls, below we will detail how to better protect your home with just a few cost effective solutions!

According to Calgary Crime Stoppers, there has been a total of 38 break and enters in Calgary from September 30- October 7 this year, most of which occurred in the NE and SW region of the city. This number is evidence that although the break-in rate is not as high as other cities in the country, multiple break-ins still happen in a span of one week and you’re better off being extra secured.


Remote Lighting Systems

There are plenty of security lighting to choose from. Firstly, if you are a budget conscious homeowner from Calgary, you can opt for an energy consulting service that will provide you with efficient, durable, and affordable options in the city. You may also want to do research on Calgary electrician rates per hour in order to give yourself an idea of the labor costs for this specific installation. On Point Electric & Controls Ltd. is a cost-effective option for Calgary residents. This company specializes in home automation and lighting installations.

One safety option is to incorporate a security lighting install in the living room which allows you to remotely switch on the lights through your smartphone. Turning the lights on certain times of the day when you are away at the office or on vacation can prevent forced entries by making it appear that someone’s in your house. Remote lighting control system does not only ensure the safety of your property but also saves you on electricity bills. For example, some people leave their lights on for the entire duration of their vacation. With remote lighting controls, you can just turn them on at certain times of the day even when you’re thousands of miles away; therefore, cutting out on the majority of your monthly lighting bills. The Lutron Caseta Wireless allows you to do just that, and more!

Motion Sensors

Another option is to employ a lighting system with motion sensors. Motion sensors like Lutron Maestro 2 can be installed anywhere in your home. Once it detects a presence within an 81-meter radius, it automatically turns on the lights. This is a convenient security feature if you’re planning to have the lights installed in your front or back lawn. It prevents potential burglars by illuminating them on the spot, making it easier for them to be seen.

Security Flood Lights

If you want a stronger lighting system, flood lights are the way to go. Although they consume more energy than any of the security lighting options we covered, it is bright enough to partially blind and startle anyone who is attempting to force enter your home. Because of its ability to illuminate and detect presence from large areas at a time, it has long been considered to be an instrument in crime prevention. They can be integrated with security features such as passive, active, or dual motion sensors. One example is the Health Zenith flood light which detects motion with its 180º motion detection angle.


One consideration is to locate your lighting in an area that best illuminates your home but make sure that the interiors are well concealed from the outside. The brighter your home appears on the outside, the less likely it is for someone to attempt to break into your house.

If you want to optimize security but also maintain a favourable aesthetic appeal to your home, it is advisable to invest in a good lighting designer who will build a custom electrical lighting plan for you.

On Point Electric and Controls Ltd. is an electrical company specializing in lighting installations, lighting fixtures, and home automation services. If you think you may benefit from Turnable white LED's, give us a call at 587.319.0966 or email us at For your utmost convenience, you can also book our services online.

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