Optimize your Body Clock with Colour Tuning

Circadian Rhythm at a Glance

Many lighting designers have aimed to create a lighting system that can tailor to your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is the biological clock responsible for telling you when to sleep and when to wake up. Researchers have suggested that brightness and different lighting temperatures have the ability to improve or disrupt this rhythm; thus-if disrupted- can give rise to serious ailments such as diabetes, tumor, and obesity.

Cool vs. Warm toned Light and the Circadian Rhythm

Blue or cool-toned light, or any white light emitted from fluorescents, TV screens, tablets, and lamps has been said to increase alertness and optimize cognitive function. Blue light has also been widely used to keep shift workers alert and productive past midnight. Exposure to blue LED lights before or during bedtime may may have adverse affects on your sleep.

Colour Tuning

Lighting systems typically come with a single colour temperature. Plenty of modern lighting systems allow you to dim the lights in many different levels, but for most hotel rooms, for example, lighting fixtures only come with warm tones.

LED lighting manufacturers feature a tunable white lighting fixtures that allows the user to adjust the temperature and intensity. As LED lighting systems have become more abundant and affordable to consumers and with major advancement in lighting technology in recent years, it’s never been easier to gain access to lighting systems in which you are able to fine tune. The networks within this lighting system all generate white light, but the colours and tones vary from cool to warm.

Ketra is a state-of-the-art tunable white lighting system that can be integrated with leading home automation systems and is also retailed at a very affordable price. Every component of Ketra can be easily installed and has a 50,000-hour plus lifetime, a feature that consumers will find beneficial as it is longer than the average home ownership. It can be easily integrated with Lutron lighting systems such as the Caseta Wireless or can be connected to a Google Home or Amazon Alexa to dim the lights and adjust the temperatures through voice command. Below is a comprehensive product video of Ketra.



Tunable white lights enable you to highlight finishes and textures of your interiors on different times of the day. There is also an unlimited amount of possible colors that you can utilize for different occasions.


As already mentioned, you can easily install every component of your Ketra lights. Ketra has its own control system but you can also set you own custom scenes when integrated with the Lutron App.


As the main point of this blog, tunable white lighting systems is mostly beneficial for your health. It boosts your energy by promoting the consistency and quality of your sleep schedules.


Ketra can be used to automatically turn on when there is no one at your home. It is also compatible with leading security systems in the market.

The lighting design trends are ceaselessly evolving, aiming to match the current collective needs for residential and commercial purposes alike. Lighting designers need to adapt to this generation’s ever-changing desires, so LED lighting manufacturers such as Lutron created a solution to consumer’s indecision. Now, homeowners can have a cool to warm light setting whenever it suits their purpose.

Ketra is currently not available in Canada but On Point Electric and Controls will be one of the first electrical services company to retail and install it in Calgary once it is made available! In order to be one of the first to know when it's available, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


It is important to remember that not all tunable white systems cover the same range of tones and colours. Some lighting fixtures offer ranges such as candlelight and daylight temperatures. It is also important to ensure that the lighting system is integrated with dimming controls. Dimmers allow you to maximize your budget by not having the full brightness setting on all throughout the day. The Caseta Wireless by Lutron allow you to dim the lights so you can adjust the brightness according to different ocassions and weather patterns which therefore allows you to significantly limit your monthly bills.

The lighting temperatures that a tunable white LED lighting fixture produces may also not match that of your existing lighting installations at your home. The warmth and coolness of each LED lighting system varies from one manufacturer to another.

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