Uncommon Ways to Save Electricity

Install smart thermostats

Your furnace is the most energy-hungry feature of your home and you may have already exhausted different ways to reduce your energy consumption by constantly and manually regulating your heater. Smart thermostats allow you to modify the heat settings even when you’re away from home. This solves millions of homeowner’s problems as people tend to forget to reduce their heating when they leave for work, or worse yet, when they go out of town for long periods. This consumes a considerable amount of energy and plenty of homeowners end up surprised with the dramatic increase in their electricity bills.

A really good smart thermostat on the market is Nest E-Smart Thermostat. Its intuitive interface learns your daily routines and reduces the heat when the family leaves for school and work and warms up the room just in time for you to be back.

Utilize dimmers and occupancy sensors

According to research, lighting accounts for 12% of electricity bills in North America. Light switches with dimming features allow you to adjust the lighting power in many different levels. Instead of just having one level of brightness throughout the day, you can adjust it according to the amount of natural light entering your space.

Another trick is to use lighting systems with occupancy sensors. An occupancy sensor automatically switches on once it detects an occupant in the room and switches off once the room is vacated. This ensures that light is not used when it’s not needed and can minimize trivial tasks such as remembering to turn the lights on and off throughout the day

Unplug items that are not in use

This may be a no-brainer, but it is something that plenty of homeowner still forget to do. Items that remain plugged in, even when not in use, drain a significant amount of energy. If you’re not keen on making some effort to remember to unplug your electronics, we’ve got you covered! Our next tip will tell you how to stop hurting your wallet without having to routinely unplug your devices. Unplugging items that are not in use doesn't only save on energy but also ensures that your house does not end up in flames. As much as possible, keep most of your portable devices unplugged. Items to watch out for, especially, are curling irons and clothes irons.

Use smart plugs

Majority of us home and business owners have an inclination to save on electricity bills and yet tend to forget or underestimate how much unused devices consume energy when left plugged in. Smart plugs eliminate the need to remember to unplug your devices by enabling you to schedule and remotely stop your device's energy consumption. Smart plugs are integrated to your app so you can control it with just a touch of your finger, whether you're at home or away. electronics which smart plugs are best used for include your home fountain and entertainment system.

We hope that today's Tech-Tuesdays blog shed a light on ways on how you can save on electricity. Want to install smart home technology in your house or your business? Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us on this website! Or contact us by phone at 587-319-0966 and by email.

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Till next Tuesday!

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