Babyproof Your Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are conveniently placed on all of your walls in every one of your rooms, and with them being located near the ground, there is a constant risk of children being electrecuted. It is estimated by the National Fire Protection Agency that 2,400 children each year suffer severe shocks and burns from inserting objects into the slots of electrical outlets. Below are tips on how to prevent these accidents from happening.

Home safety inspection

Have an experienced electrician specializing in residential services go through your home's electrical systems in order to avoid accidents not just for little children but also for everyone occupying your house. If you live in Calgary or its surrounding areas, technicians inspect your homes with an extensive checklist on hand so you can avoid worrying about abrupt power outages or electrical shocks.

Tamper-resistant outlets

One way to remedy this is to install tamper resistant receptacles around your home so you can shock proof your outlets. Regular receptacles, as shown in the picture below, have hollow openings, making it easier for people to insert objects that may be conductors and lead to electric shock; while tamper resistant receptacles have blocked openings which prevents children from sticking and poking objects in the outlet, making it safer for little ones to wander around your house.

Luckily, since 2009, new houses in Canada should have tamper-resistant outlets installed in them. This is to avoid babies getting electric shocks form household outlets. However, this means that older homes may still have regular receptacles and may make your little ones more susceptible to harm. Some homeowners remedy this by purchasing outlet covers around the home.

On Point Electric and Controls Ltd. hereIf you have a home built before 2009, it is very important to install tamper-resistant outlets in order to avoid the very dangerous accident. Note that it is much safer to have a reliable electrician or a certified electrical company

install it for you. to safeguard your a trusted electrical service provider in Calgary with an extensive residential and commercial portfolio. You can book an appointment

Outlet Covers

Another option you can consider is using outlet caps. If you own a house build before 2010, this is a cheap and moderately effective way to protect your child or little visitors from sudden electrocution. You can purchase outlets with built-in covers or just the cap alone.

Slide Covers

A slide cover is another type of outlet protector which may be an easier option if you think caps are easily detachable and is easy to lose. Slide covers are permanently attached to your electrical plugs; thus, you can rest assured it stays in place for a very long time.

Prevent children from accessing your plugs and cables

Young ones tend to act on their curiosity and they may be intrigued about your plugs and cables. If you want to watch your favourite shows without interruption from pulled plugs, or stop worrying about your little one tampering with your cords, you can set up a temporary toddler fence large enough for your child to be comfortable so you can keep them from having free access to your electrical wirings.

If you are a homeowner and is worrying about the safety of your home or want to protect your toddler from potential electrical accidents, we hope this blog helped to shed a light on how you can better fool-proof your wirings and outlets at home. We are also a group of electrical service technicians with years of solid experience in residential and commercial installations and home safety inspections. Book an appointment with us now for a safer home.

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