What's Better than Smart Shades? Smart Windows!

To follow up on our previous smart shade blog, we’re here to give you more options for your window coverings.

Sliding solar screens

Sliding solar shades can be installed both vertically and horizontally, with openness levels varying from 0% (blackout shades) to 10% (highly translucent). Some of these shades have up to six layers of ultra-thin, insulating fabrics to block between 75% to 100% UV rays. They protect you from the sun’s harmful effects, but also enhances the look of your interiors.

Roman shades

Roman shades differ from other types of shades for their foldable feature. When closed, they create an organized, folded drapery. But when opened, they create a smooth, creaseless fabric that covers your windows. The folded look is perfect for those of you who prefer a vintage or eclectic look to your interiors. The Sivoia QS Wireless Controls from Lutron offers different styles and colours that matches any type of drapery– including roman shades– so you won’t have to compromise your style. This wireless system eliminates the need for communication cables between components.

Sheer shades

With sheer shades, the frame is almost invisible as the fabric is extremely thin that it doesn’t take up as much space when rolled up as regular shades. These are perfect for spaces where privacy is not a priority. It suites minimalist interiors and makes for a brighter, more transparent room.

Smart Windows

Smart windows can be automatically integrated in the glass or can be attached with an adhesive film. Some companies offer dimmable solutions, so you can tailor the opacity to your varying needs. Companies such as VarioGlass in BC offers self-darkening products that automatically blocks sunlight at certain times of the day to protect you from the heat and UV rays. However, it can also be manually tuned to better suit your changing needs and unpredictable weather patterns.

Digital Blinds

Digital blinds are a subtype of smart windows that is yet to be released but is definitely worth they wait and hype. They are a good option if you’re aiming for a futuristic yet traditional style. The glass window acts as a screen which then displays blinds. With this, you can eliminate the need to periodically clean and maintain as with regular curtains and blinds.

Both automated dimming windows and digital blinds take significantly less time to block the sunlight than regular curtains and shades. With a touch of your finger, it takes no time at all to protect your home from the scorching heat, blinding sunlight, or the watchful public eye.

We hope this blog post has given you plethora of useful information to help you make better decisions when it comes to living a more private, solar protected life.

By working with a professional installer like On Point Electric and Controls Ltd., you can ensure fool proof installations to avoid costly troubleshooting and maintenance. We offer free regular check-ups to ensure that your smart home installations are always good as new. We also guarantee exact measurements, so your choice of window coverings fit perfectly on your windows. To get started, book online, or reach us via (587)-319-0966 or email.

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