Choosing Your Very First Smart Shades

The fast, convenient life has become a trend not just for the affluent but also for the average consumers. After the emergence of Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa, people started looking for ways to voice activate their shades.


If you are looking to install motorized shades in your home for the first time and you don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to do so yourself, it’s important to seek the help of a trusted installation service provider. On Point Electric and Controls is a company specializing in fool-proof home automation systems and can help ease your way into the tech-savvy life! Moreover, here are a few more points to consider when going about your purchasing decisions:

UV Protection & Privacy

Opacity plays a major role in solar protection. Different fabrics offer varying levels of transparency, with 1% openness offering the most privacy to 10% openness which gives the most unhindered view.

This brings us to the different levels of openness that you can utilize for different rooms in your home.

Transparent (7-10% openness)

Transparent shades allow you to almost completely see through the outside yet only allows enough sunlight in the room to reduce solar heat and glare. Shades with this level of opacity may be perfect for spaces where privacy would not be an issue.

Translucent (1-6% openness)

There are also translucent shades with 1-6% openness. This allows for more privacy and only lets diffused sunlight in; therefore, optimizing UV protection. More importantly, you can see through from the inside but it’s completely opaque from the outside. These shades are perfect for high rise, glass-walled apartments as it allows you take in the view of the city but at the same time maintain 100% privacy.

Blackout (0% openness)

Blackout shades completely block both sunlight and visibility with no leaks, allowing for a completely dark room. Shades like these are especially helpful during the summer, when the sun only starts to set during bedtime. Blackout shades also serve as a heat protectant for your space because of its ability to totally hinder the tiniest bit of heat that comes from the sun.


When choosing the right smart shade for your house, you always want to make sure to pick from a trusted manufacturer before proceeding with the purchase. Make sure that the motor is reliable enough to avoid costly troubleshooting. Lutron offers highly reliable smart shade motors with comprehensive warranty coverage.

Battery vs Wired

If you decide to install smart shades early on while building your home, you can choose to have your shades wired. Installing wired shades during the construction period is easier as to when your house is already built. This keeps you from tearing down and putting together walls and panels. However, there is another option in case you're long settled in your home. You can use battery powered shades. Some batteries last 5-8 years and require little to no troubleshooting. As it doesn't have wirings, this may be a better option if you think you will want to remove the shades for various reasons.

Heating and Cooling

Some people buy smart shades mainly for this feature. They maximize the use shades with high levels of openness during the summer in order to minimize heat and use shades with low openness levels in the winter in order to warm up the room and maximize natural lighting. This makes for a highly efficient energy consumption by minimizing heating and cooling expenses all year round.


You want durable smart shades without ruining your style. It’s important to choose a smart shade retailer with a wide range of styles and colours to choose from so you can instantly match it with your home interiors. Products such as Lutron Serena Motorized Shades offer fabric samples along with different built and colours to choose from.


It’s difficult to find inexpensive smart home electronics without compromising quality. Luckily, there are still brands out there that offer high quality shades that is also low priced. Budget Blinds is a fan favourite retailer for diverse type of shades – from traditional roller shades to graphic shades– that can fit within your budget.

We hope this article helped you better make decisions in purchasing your first automated shades. If you liked what you read and would like to help others in their smart home decisions, like and share us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

Till next Tuesday!

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