Five Reasons People Invest in High-Tech Spaces

With automated technology systems, urban utopia and ultra modern cities are not far-fetched. On top of the aesthetic appeal that comes with the state-of-the-art architecture, people invest in automated technology for a plethora of reasons. In this blog, we've outlined the reasons why an increasing number of people are investing in home automation systems for their houses and businesses alike–and why you should too!

Increase productivity

Menial tasks such as emails, phone calls, and electricity/ lighting controls can add up and use a significant amount of time that’s meant to be dedicated to the growth of your business. Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home Assistant are able to check your inboxes for you, make purchases, and control your electronics without you lifting a finger! Automated light and temperature controls help employees delegate their energy for more important assignments.

Protect your building

As discussed in the previous blog, lighting control systems can be remotely controlled and can be utilized to deter forced entries. For example, you can give the impression that a building is occupied by automatically turning on the lights at night. This can also be done so with occupancy sensors. Automated lighting systems such as Lutron’s Hands- Free sensors are able to detect when you step into a room. In addition to these, there are more widely used security systems such as CCTV’s and burglar alarms. For large-scale businesses such as offices, schools, and shopping malls, automated lockdown systems with gunshot detection make it faster for the occupants to protect themselves from harm.

Enhance your experience

No matter what kind of business your building is housing, it is crucial to provide a visually appealing, comfortable, and safe environment for its workers and customers alike. Ambient music and colour-tuned lighting are equally imperative in a retail and restaurant environment. Automation systems with scene control can adapt to different functions such as movie night, presentations, and birthday parties.


Light switches without a dimming feature only come with one level of brightness and companies tend to turn light switches from opening to closing hours. As daylight brightness tend to change during the day, automatic dimming systems can save thousands of dollars for a business by reducing brightness according to the amount of sunlight that enters a room.

Environmentally friendly

Companies tend to turn the lights on from opening to closing hours as daylight brightness tend to change during the day. Smart home technologies ensure that the maximum amount of natural lighting and ventilation is being utilized. In other words, instead of generating energy from coal and burning gas, the warmth and the lighting mainly comes from the sun at certain times of the day. In turn, this significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

In this modern age, adapting to to the latest technological trends poses plenty of benefits for our families, employees, clients, and our environment. We hope these tips shed some light on how to consume energy more efficiently and sustainably.

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