How Smart Home Technology Benefits the Environment

We’ve talked in abundance why home automation systems are good for your wallet and overall well-being but we didn’t mention why it’s also an environmental superhero. The most important aspect of home automation with regards to its environmental influence is energy saving. Electricity production is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. These invisible yet harmful chemicals primarily result from burning fossil fuels and pose a serious threat for the health and well-being of the affected communities. Smart home technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions by reducing power consumption and makes for cleaner, healthier surroundings. Water conservation also plays a significant role in preserving the environment. Droughts in North America are not far-fetched, with some areas in Canada and major cities around the globe being highly vulnerable.

Below are five ways you can help the environment by employing smart home technology in your lifestyle:

Monitor Energy Consumption

Track electricity consumption with energy monitoring tools such as Sense Home Energy. Sense connects to your WiFi and measures both solar generation and power consumption in your home or building. You can use this tracking system to create a perfect balance between solar generated electricity and power generated electricity.

Never Leave Electronics Unused

Homeowners have a tendency to leave their electronics on and unused. With a smart plug that you can pre-set and/or control remotely, you will never have to worry about wasted electricity. Similarly, smart thermostats like the Lutron TouchPRO Wireless can sense temperature to which it adjusts accordingly. In addition, The TouchPRO features geofencing technology which detects your presence so it knows when to activate the lighting and heating systems. This way, you can rest assured that your home is just the right amount of warm even when you’re away.

Conserve Water

Smart irrigation systems such as the SkyDrop 8 Zone promote productivity by ridding trivial tasks so you can avoid spending a good amount of time in your lawn and focus on the necessary. More importantly, they ensure that only the right amount of water is used. It is estimated that Calgarians use 214 litres of water per day in a household. With smart irrigation systems, you can save over 90 litres of water per day. Automated sprinklers ensure that plants are not overwatered by adjusting according to past, present, and forecasted weather conditions.

Reduce Toxic Wastes

Like mentioned in a previous blog post, instead of consuming energy from burnt gas and coal, the sun can be a significant source of heating and lighting. Burning coals also emit ashes which has the potential to overfill landmines. You can help cut toxic waste production with smart-home technologies that promote power conservation. For example, using smart dimmers instead of a manual light switch help save energy by being able to automatically reduce the brightness at certain hours of the day. This also holds true for other intuitive electronics. Overtime, the amount of energy saved by employing smart technology at home and in the workplace makes a lasting positive impact on the environment.

Promote Health and Hygiene

Sensory taps help promote the health and well-being of a community by preventing cross-contamination of bacteria in communal bathrooms. Manually powered faucets that are, many times, poorly sanitized require the users to touch them. No-touch bathroom technology thwarts the transmission of airborne diseases from one person to another and is therefore a healthier option for commercial and residential purposes alike.

The list towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle is extensive but we hope this gave you a unique insight on how you can take tiny steps in becoming mother nature’s superhero. Technology may prove detrimental if used wrong, but it is, by all means, a tool in radically reducing our carbon footprint.

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