Three Things You Can Maximize with Lighting Controls: Savings, Security, and Experience!

What is Lighting Control?

Lighting Control is a system that regulates lighting at any given space to fit specific needs and functions. In addition to improving your security and indoor experience, it significantly helps to save on electricity bills by using it only when needed the most.

What's in it for me?

One major benefit of Lutron's automated lighting system is scene control. For example, "Movie Night" automatically sets the lights to mimic a movie theatre. There is also a "Welcome Scene" which activates lighting in specific areas once a car parks in front of your house.

Furthermore, you can save money with automated lighting systems in two ways. When regulating lighting, it's important to note the amount of natural daylight that enters a room. Lutron’s Smart Shades such as Serena, when used with Lutron Smart Dimmers, can lead to a perfect balance of natural and artificial light. Daylight sensors automatically adjusts the lighting so that only the perfect amount of natural and artificial light is utilized. If a room does not have access to natural lighting, you can still save money by using Lutron Occupancy Sensors. Occupancy sensors automatically turn on the lights when a person enters a room and turns them off once it's vacated. These two types of sensors make for a low-cost, less demanding environment.

Another aspect of lighting control that is often overlooked by consumers is how it can provide a safer place for its occupants. Products like Lutron HomeWorks has the ability to turn on all of the lights in the event that an intruder breaks into a room. The RadioRA2 enables you to be remotely yet completely in control of the lighting, shades, and temperature throughout your home with just a few clicks of your tablet. This system is perfect for taking that long-awaited vacation as you can set the lights to turn on during nighttime to give the impression that someone's home. A technology that deters break-ins is a critical investment for families and businesses alike.

To recap the above information, below is a table of advantages and disadvantages of automatic dimmers:


  1. Energy saving- brightness can be adjusted to low setting during the day to consume as little energy as possible

  2. Security- You'll never have to compromise home security even when away for vacation

  3. Versatility- adapts to a wide variety of needs

  4. Experience- Scene control! Celebrations, movie nights, a scene to improve productivity, you name it! There's a wide variety of scenes that can be customized in the Lutron app!

  5. Convenience and accessibility- can be automatically and manually adjusted with just a press of a button


  1. Most people cite cost as the number one obstacle in purchasing smart technologies for their homes and businesses. Solution: this problem can be negated by years of savings that accumulate with the use of smart-technologies as noted above. Lutron also offers break through pricing for their products!

  2. DIY installations may be overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with electronics and this requires additional costs for hiring electricians. Solution: if you live in Calgary and need an experienced electrician to do low-cost, high-grade installations, don’t hesitate to reach us by email or by phone at 587-319-0666!

That wraps today's Technician Tuesday blog. We hope you gained more useful insights from it! Tune in next Tuesday for another set of handful tips on technology and electricity!

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