"Technician Tuesday": The Easy Life with Home Automation

Welcome to another “Technician Tuesday”, where we cover current trends and provide some friendly and professional advice!

Many of us recall the Jetsons TV Show, with flying cars and an automatic conveyer belt to get you to the kitchen table with a robot servant dishing up dinner. While we may not have all the flying cars in the air, nor a conveyor belt from garage to kitchen, home automation is on the rise and you just might be surprised by how easy it can be to add automation to your home life and create instant benefits! Let’s look at security, efficiency, and entertainment possibilities!


It’s a scary world at times, and security has always added a comforting piece of mind. Most security features seem to be for a business use, but security doesn’t always need to be for making sure your stuff is locked up tight! Simple additions can be done to do away with worries about lost keys, stressful and conflicting schedules for visiting family or friends, or even for having to have someone check in regularly on your home should you be away for vacation.

Ever had a family member lose a key, forget it inside after locking the door, or need to leave one hidden for someone coming by later? We sure have, and we know the added stress is unnecessary with today’s technology. Adding in a doorbell camera may not seem like much, but when paired with a smart lock you get simple control and ease of mind. A doorbell camera such as the Nest Hello can be accessed via an app to see who’s at your door, and pair it up with the Nest Yale lock and you can now not just see who’s at the door, but then give them access from anywhere in the world through the app.

So, perhaps when visiting family or friends fly in while you’re at work and you want to give them access to your home without leaving a key lying about, get yourself a smart lock and doorbell. Nest Yale doesn’t need any keys, and even sends alerts to you when the battery is low, or when someone might be tampering with it!

If you want to go even further with the integration of smart features, you can utilize Universal Remote Control (URC) systems to not just check who is at the door and give access, but you can even close the garage door, arm your security system, or view any security cameras you have on your property all from your phone via an app be it from the office or in the comfort of your bed.


Picture it, you’re running late early morning for work, so you rush out of your house with breakfast in hand. While cruising to work you suddenly give the forehead a smack and realize you left a few lights on and the tv with the news on. Now they’ll sit on all day, adding to your electric bill and adding to the drain on the bulbs too.

Thankfully with the wireless world and home automation, while we all may get in a rush at times and forget things, we can make use of our smart phones and have access to features while out of the home. Tapping into URC systems again, there’s more to it than just security control. You can integrate the system with your lighting and entertainment systems to have full control of all your home’s electronic devices. This could be as easy as checking which lights were left on by yourself or family members and turning them off with one click on the app, to adjusting the house temperature to save your energy bill while everyone’s out, to turning the tv off or lowering the window shades. All this can be done from your smart phone in hand, any place in the world. The major benefit with URC is its partnerships for integration. It carries an intensive list of partnered brands to give you the most options possible when adding automation to your home. Check out the list here.


Picture it; Friday night, weekend is about to begin, and you’d like to settle in for a good movie at home. You’ve got this awesome surround sound system with a beautiful amp and 7.1 speakers. You’ve got the nice LED TV up and the Blu-ray player too. Only problem is, you’ve got about 5 remotes now, and you have to set everything to the right inputs. Fret not, with a touch of home automation, you can have this all under the press of one button. With Universal Remote Control(URC) there is a broad variety of options available to meet your specific needs and wants while providing you ease of use and peace of mind.

With one touch control, you can utilize one button to control the tv turning on and switching inputs. At the same time your sound system would turn on and adjust to an appropriate volume level you’ve set and switch to the required input as well. Your shades will lower down, and the lights could be dimmed all in one smooth flowing process to set the perfect mood for hunkering in for a movie and relaxing on a Friday night. No more fumbling with all the remotes or trying to remember what device is on what input setting, and no more worrying about having to go adjust your shades to stop any glare or nosey neighbours trying to enjoy your home theatre system from afar!

That’s all we want to cover for today and we hope you enjoyed the read! Be sure to check back in every Tuesday for our “Technician Tuesday” for more industry insights and recommendations, and if you like our content please like and share us on Facebook and Instagram.

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