The truth about surge protection - Who's at risk?

Do you have electronic devices in your dwelling? TV's, stereo equipment, computers etc. Notice lights flickering, appliances making loud unpleasant noises? then you’re at risk! Don't worry we've got you covered!

What is a power surge?

A power surge is an inrush of excess current to your electrical system. Typically caused by cycling appliances on and off, utility companies switching from one power distribution system to another, or in some situations it can be as simple as a local factory starting large machinery. On a larger scale, cloud to ground lightning strikes can also cause power surges. These strikes can send dangerous amounts of current into your electrical panel, which then spreads throughout your home. In Alberta we experience an average of 400,000 lightning strikes during the summer months. In 2016 we surpassed that figure, reaching more than 576,000 before September 9th.

How often do power surges occur?

Believe it or not, the average Alberta home can experience dozens of power surges daily, resulting in our more sensitive equipment to prematurely stop working or even catch fire. With more than 60% occurring internally, these surges often go unnoticed applying an excess amount of current and voltage to small household appliances. There are a number of ways to correct these surges, such as point-of-use surge protectors (surge protection receptacles, power bars, etc.) With the remaining power surges entering your home from the utility line, a larger more advanced whole home surge protector must be hard wired into your electrical service by a licensed electrician.

How do they work?

Current will always take the path of least resistance, therefore surge protectors are designed to redirect the current safely to the systems grounding wire before damaging your equipment.

How does surge protection benefit me?

Depending on your homes electrical system surge protection can be very affordable, and present many advantages to the average home & business owner. Often qualifying you for discounted insurance premiums, protecting your expensive and sensitive electrical devices, as well as saving you thousands of dollars over the initial investment cost.

In Conclusion

With today's electronics becoming more advanced, and less durable I believe surge protection is an affordable way to protect our electrical equipment. 20 years ago we didn't have these sensitive devices, so there was never a need for something like "surge protection" but in today's modern world it's something all of us will benefit from.

Add up the costs of your homes appliances and electronics then compare it, with the cost of whole home surge protection. You'll be surprised when you learn just how much you'll save future you...

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