The Araknis Networks™ 300-Series Managed Gigabit Switches make it easier than ever to integrate with surveillance cameras, control system touch panels, and WAPs on the network. These enterprise-grade managed PoE switches support full PoE and PoE+, offer 1Gbps on all of its front-facing ports simultaneously for powerful connectivity, and allow you to monitor the entire network. Their user-friendly web interface has tons of advanced features, and is simple to navigate, plus it's OvrC enabled. It allows you to individually name ports for fast troubleshooting, set up VLANs to isolate chatty devices, and enhance your network performance from end to end. These switches feature LEDs and ports on the front for quick patching and diagnostics, and provide quiet cooling thanks to variable speed fans. See how the 24-port, 16-port, and 8-port models compare to the competition.

Araknis Networks AN-300-SW-F-8, 8 Port Managed Switch

SKU: AN-300-SW-F-8